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"I was always one who was weary of a Chiropractor and thought I would never need to go to one. I thought I would try it out after almost 10 years of cutting hair as I would get lower back pain from standing all day and shoulder pain from lifting my arms all day. I thought "What could it hurt". Boy, am I glad I went! I never thought a simple movement/adjustment could do so much and make me feel so much better! I now go for wellness and maintenance; Dr. Alison is patient, gentle, understanding and amazing at what she does! I would recommend this clinic to everyone!

- Amy F.

"Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Dr. McCrackin. Haven't felt this good in years!! After being adjusted Dr.McCrackin advised a plan that has helped a lot!!! I have told several friends!!! Great job!!! What a top notch, knowledgeable professional organization." 

- Gary C.

"Dr. Alison put this worried mama at ease when my Ped. Suggested my 6 mo. Old could need a helmet to correct his misshaped head. Dr. Alison explained the process of cranial work and how over time it would help to move the plates of the skull into the proper position. She was very gentle and attentive to my son and if he would get overwhelmed during a session she would allow for plenty of breaks and rest time and snuggles. Making sure not to over stimulate my little guy. We have seen amazing progress with the visits we have had so far. I would highly recommend Hands on Health to anyone. If it weren't for an upcoming move, I would continue seeing Dr. Alison for other chiropractic care"

- Mary F.

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